Formed in 1995 when 2 guitar players Sean Gottschalk and Dave Parkin met at Melbournes Tote hotel during a Kim Salmon gig and started jamming the blues,,,
in 1996 the two were joined by keyboard player Jeremy Harding and the sound changed to a Pink Floyd ,,Doors inspired psychedelica,,,

The Edge City CD was recorded in 1997 and the band played a series of gigs at Melbournes ,,Prince Of Wales ,, Greyhound and Esplande Hotels,,,,,

In the year 2000 Sean Gottschalk moved to London where he wrote most of the songs for the 9th Life cd,,,

Returning to Melbounre in 2001 Sean Gottschalk along with Dave Parkin recorded the 9th Life and the CD spent 6 months at number 1 on the acoustic blues artist charts,,,,with focus on the interplay of the guitars and singer Sean Gottschalks lyrics,,,,,

Work on th the Scratch cd was begun in 2002 and finished 2006,,,Sean and David were joined by harmonica player Boyd Maddocks and 3 performed live as the Heretic Cats in St Kilda and Gippsland,,,,,

In 2006 Sean Gottschalk relocated from Melbourne to Amsterdam where the Heretic Cats music was taking hold in Coffeeshops,,,,With the addition of Dutch drummer Ruben Monsanto the Heretic Cats soon played gigs  at the Paradiso, Doklaan and De Nieuwe Anita/De Foyer,,,,,as well as performing live acoustic in different Amsterdam coffeeshops

In 2007 Sean Gottschalk and Dutch drummer Ruben Monsanto founded Club Des Hashish,,,,a psychedelic blues music jam at coffeeshop Kadinsky which is still going strong,,,,,,

From 2009 until 2014  the Heretic Cats have played an  acoustic residency at Amsterdam’s coffeeshop Kadinsky on Wednesday nights,,,often joined by guest musicains ,,,

English guitar player Billy Sleet and Californian keyboard player Chris Ells both joined the Heretic Cats and with Ruben Monsanto on drums the 3 new musicians have given the band a solid blues sound both in the studio and live in Amsterdam ,,,

In 2012 the Heretic Cats released 3 CD,s ,,Exile In Amsterdam, The Magic Mushroom and The Hash Bar Blues Band

Live performances in Amsterdam saw many guest musicians performing with the Heretic Cats at their weekly coffeeshop gig and a drop in by Rick Springfield was recorded by a fan on iphone and released as a internet low fi bootleg Live at Club Des Hashish,,,,

Released in June 2013 Danger Deep Water the Heretic Cats 7th studio cd was recorded at the  Cats Amsterdam studio in 2012/13,,,and introduces Jonas Venstra on bass guitar,,,Jonas made his live debut with the Heretic Cats in 2012 at Club Des Hashish and is featured on the bootleg live cd playing acoustic guitar,,,

The Heretic Cats 8th studio cd “The Barman’s Bottle” was recorded and released on this website in 2014 and features Club Des Hashish long time live companion Yip The Slick on harmonica,,,Yip also features on live bootleg recordings,,,the album captures the strong swampy blues sound that the band had crafted after years of live performances together,,,

In 2015/16 Sean Gottschalk recorded his first solo ep,,The Heretic Cat, Too Old To Die Young,,,



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